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Thank you for taking your time to consider us for your venue, show, and projects! We are always excited to meet new business owners and their patrons. We strive to give everyone the best experience possible! We work hard so the crowd can party hard!
Our band, Eastgate, is beginning to form as the Yin & Yang of rock; because we within the band collaborate that way. Every show, we love to take the viewers on a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences with our splash of metal and rock influences. We strive to have a great blend that is always climactic!

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Tyrannical Faith


Shut Up n Swallow

“Tyrannical Faith” performed at the Curtain Club in Dallas, TX! (provided by Stagecast 360)

All of us at Eastgate come from various musical backgrounds. We all have developed our own styles, likes, and dislikes and from song to song can be heard our different influences. We’ve developed a hard rock sound, toeing the line of metal (with songs like “Tyrannical Faith” & “Coma”) with heavy funk influences. During an interview Boston Chris of the ETX Rocks Show called us the “Yin & Yang” of Rock. We believe in this theory to help us mix our influences to connect with a broad audience. It also allows us to explore individual sounds to create songs instead of a heavy “riff”.

Our past venues & experiences include but are not limited to:
Whisky a Go Go (West Hollywood)
Opening for Saving Abel at BFE Rock Club (Houston)
Opening for Hemlock at Wits End (Dallas)
Scout Bar (Webster)
The Door (Dallas)
The Curtain Club (Dallas)
Tomcats West (Ft. Worth)
Click’s Live (Tyler)
Texas Mist (Austin)

Whisky Announcement

As well as having been interviewed by the ETX Rocks Show from Longview, TX; Punkstar Full Throttle Radio from Houston, TX; and presented an award with the ETX Music Awards.

(Eastgate performing at Scout Bar)EG7

Once again, thank you for your time and interest in us at Eastgate! If you find us befitting  for a show at your venue, please contact us!
Ph: 903-930-9204 / 903-373-3655
Em: EastgateRockBand@gmail.com
Web: http://www.EastgateRockBand.com
FB: http://www.facebook.com/EastgateRockBand