Lookout Weekend

THIS WEEKEND AT LU LU’s IS GONNA BE SIIIIICK 😝😝😝😝  But wow! Last weekend was crazy amazing! 

Thursday, we kicked off our weekend at the Scout Bar with our interview and performance with Punkstar Rado! A special thanks to Khris Harding and JoJo! They are some awesome and hilarious radio hosts! Check out our interview!! https://www.facebook.com/EastgateRockBand/videos/1385890004864483/

Go to www.PunkstarRadio.com for more awesome content with the best music! Also, check out the Scout Bar at www.ScoutBar.com and get your tickets to your favorite bands! The same is fuckin rad 🤘🏻

Friday, at The White Swan (https://www.facebook.com/thewhiteswanlive/) a few awesome bands were brought together by one man with his captivating one man act, The Joshua Project (https://www.facebook.com/TheJoshuaProject428/); seriously, some balls doing that! We also had the please of meeting and seeing live Dread Pixels and Erasethevirus! Everyone did amazing and we made some amazing new friends! Definitely gained new music on my playlist! 



Upcoming.. Hell ya! 

Guardians of the Eastgate:

We have two awesome opportunities for you! This Saturday, September 30th we are in Huntsville! This place always rocks out! 


Now! The time we, Eastgate, have been waiting for.. We have been given our first opportunity by Punkstar Industries to play at the amazing and “legend.. wait for it. dary!” SCOUT BAR! Fuck ya! Love y’all and let’s show that Houston is prospering and kicking ass! 


Check out http://PunkstarRadio.com 😈


Eastgate 💋💋

Guardians of the Eastgate

casualetxThank you everyone for all of your support over this past weekend! We had an amazing time and experience at the ETX Music Awards in Bullard, TX! We were so happy to meet other great bands and artist in the East Texas area!

We followed up the awards with a show at Click’s Live in Tyler, TX. It was an amazing experience opening for Ever Since December! They were truly some awesome dudes as well as the band, Useless!

Don’t miss our next shows! TEXAS, there are two chances this weekend to see us!

WE HAVE A VERY IMPORTANT SHOW THIS FRIDAY IN #HOUSTON at the BFE Rock Club! This is a Flood Victims Benefit show for those affected by Hurricane #Harvey !!!!
 Flood Victims Benefit @ BFE 

Our second show is this Saturday at the Texas Players Club in Longview!

We hope to meet everyone there! We Love you All!