We are so proud to accounce that PROPAGANDA will be available in CD Format at all shows starting May 25th, 2019. Produced by Stagecast360, we have put so many weeks and many, many miles behind this album. We have not only pushed ourselves, but even our producer put so much work and sweat into this. We’ve nitpicked at what we could make better. How could we make this production the BEST QUALITY we could possibly give… well, I think we’ve done it.
With all the layers of sounds going on, you can hear so much in this album. We wanted to give our friends and fans something that will hit hard, is multi genre influenced, and RAW while reaching for that professional quality of sound. We have gone through so much as a band recently, that this album touches on all those emotions and mental obstacles; and that makes this a success. We have overcome, we will continue on, and you can either join or get ran the fuck over. We are not stopping. Wake up, feel the hype. Thank you everyone for your continued support! We love all of you and we hope you enjoy this album. *Spoiler alert* you can hear the album on our website in the music menu

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Propaganda by Eastgate


May 25, 2019

“Dear Diary, Mood, apathetic…”
COMING UP! We have a show at Click’s Live in Tyler, TX! Come join us as we welcome and break in our new MEMBERS Avery & Trystan. We will also be having a special guest, Tony “T-bone” Flores.. We have new music, heavier music. Not so apathetic music.


Crackhead Strip pole
Crackhead Stripping

Thank You!

Hey Everyone! Our performance of “Misguided Children” with The ETX ROCKS Show​ has been the second highest viewed! Check out the performance!

Thank you all for the love and support! Thank you Boston Chris​ for giving us that great opportunity! Please, check out our shop and download YOUR copy of Eastgate’s EP NOW!

Upcoming.. Hell ya! 

Guardians of the Eastgate:

We have two awesome opportunities for you! This Saturday, September 30th we are in Huntsville! This place always rocks out!

Now! The time we, Eastgate, have been waiting for.. We have been given our first opportunity by Punkstar Industries to play at the amazing and “legend.. wait for it. dary!” SCOUT BAR! Fuck ya! Love y’all and let’s show that Houston is prospering and kicking ass!

Check out 😈


Eastgate 💋💋


September 25th be sure to check out our Interview, episode 185 with The ETX Rocks Show! We will be performing two acoustic originals for everyone! You can also check out their YouTube channel HERE! Take a look at our Sneak Peek here:

Thank you everyone for your continued support of Eastgate! This past weekend we had a blast! Friday we were given a great opportunity to play in benefitting the victims of Hurricane Harvey at the BFE Rock Club! So much good came out of what John did that night with all the bands, everyone should be proud of themselves! Thank you all for giving time to help #Houston, a city some of us call home! 

Saturday we hit The Texas Players’ Club in Longview, TX! Wow! That place is freakin cool and it’s patrons really love to rock the f* out! Raymond Hyatt and Micah White really got some great shots! You can head over to our page Eastgate to check them and videos out! Thank you everyone! 💋💋