For us in Eastgate music is life and is a magic that can bring everyone together. Every member here is dedicated to doing just that. Here’s a little history on the members that make us who we are!

Bassist Aaron Folsom has been playing since he was a kid. Born with natural talent and his persistent drive, he is ever evolving on his instrument. He and Randy Stevens met through a mutual friend back in 2001. It was instant bliss as they naturally blended as musicians and friends. This is their third project together. The former two projects were Feelix and Quixotic Flux, which is where a few of our originals were born. Aaron has also been a member of bands such as Freestone, Black Pickett Fence, House of Flies and The Gypsy Saga projects. He is a powerhouse getting his tone from his Ibanez Terra Firma 6 string bass and Ampeg stack. Randy has also been playing since his teen years. He has a love for making music. He gets his tone from his American Strat Deluxe, Tele Elite, 65 Jaguar, Gretsch Electromatic, and Marshall DSL 40c. Past bands include Pushwater, Steel Meadows and has picked some with Diamondback. During the Quixotic Flux project Jerome Taylor answered our ad for our drummer. Barely graduated from high school and fresh off the drumline, he showed up and it was instant chemistry. He is one of the best percussionist the two had ever seen. As Randy and Aaron would say, “We would put him up against any of the greats in a showdown”. His tools of the trade include DDrum and Tama drum kits. After Quixotic Flux disbanded everyone lost touch.
Four years later Aaron and Randy reunited, they just couldn’t ignore their drive to make music. After multiple ads for a male vocalist Randy contacted Taylor King through Bandmix. She answered and the three clicked over a three way call. She was very timid having never fronted a band, but had a drive to fill the vocal position that the boys couldn’t ignore. She even told them “If I don’t make the cut I will be a roadie, y’all aren’t getting rid of me”. Randy and Aaron worked with her and managed to bring her out of her shell. She has a mesmerizing voice and screams that send chills through your body. The trio got their start with Alan Wade, who dwells in many projects, on drums. He set a steady beat for where the three would go. The bands second drummer, Albert Unknown, continued after Alan’s departure. The four still couldn’t perfect previous songs from Quixotic Flux such as, “The Loathing”. Taylor was never able to stay on time. Jerome had written a drum pattern that demanded specific timing and skill. After Albert left, the three set their sights on Jerome Taylor once more. After multiple attempts, Taylor herself decided to harass Jerome over Facebook and even called him through messenger begging him to join. The two had never met. She told him, “I promise you, it is not like Quixotic Flux. This is a whole new project, and I’m not your average bitch. We are professionals.” Later, Jerome attended his first impromptu practice. Randy, Aaron, and Jerome soared as if the bird never left the ground. Jerome showed that after years he was still a percussionist, not just your average drummer. Taylor fell in love after watching him play a song he had never heard without missing a beat. The four became family.

As a band we are a living, breathing organism. We are musical soulmates. We love to touch the souls of our listeners with our music. Making fans want to move, cry, smile and feel inspired when they hear us is why we play. We are excited to make new fans, friends, and family and to rock every venue we come to. Hope to see y’all around! We love you!