We are so proud to accounce that PROPAGANDA will be available in CD Format at all shows starting May 25th, 2019. Produced by Stagecast360, we have put so many weeks and many, many miles behind this album. We have not only pushed ourselves, but even our producer put so much work and sweat into this. We’ve nitpicked at what we could make better. How could we make this production the BEST QUALITY we could possibly give… well, I think we’ve done it.
With all the layers of sounds going on, you can hear so much in this album. We wanted to give our friends and fans something that will hit hard, is multi genre influenced, and RAW while reaching for that professional quality of sound. We have gone through so much as a band recently, that this album touches on all those emotions and mental obstacles; and that makes this a success. We have overcome, we will continue on, and you can either join or get ran the fuck over. We are not stopping. Wake up, feel the hype. Thank you everyone for your continued support! We love all of you and we hope you enjoy this album. *Spoiler alert* you can hear the album on our website in the music menu

skull x-rays image
Propaganda by Eastgate


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